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Swift Harness inc. Bridles, Battery Pocket

Price: $1 ,890.00

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SWIFT Harness


The Swift is APCO's top of the line cross country harness! A true masterpiece - combination of mechanics and aerodynamics. It is by far the most sophisticated harness we have ever made and the results are evident.

Body Geometry – before everything, we have made sure that geometry of this harness is perfect. We worked hard to achieve balance between comfort and activeness. The Swift will transmit exactly what the wing is doing, but in a way which is reassuring and not surprising.
Comfort was the main objective and it was achieved by extensive, padded support throughout the harness. A fully breathable padded back with wide shoulder straps for load distribution help relieve any pressure points which can occur after hours in the harness. The rigid seatplate is covered by dense foam and complemented by load bearing semi-rigid elements integrated into the back of the harness (APCO exclusive) making sure body stays in the optimal ergonomic position regardless of how each webbing adjustment is set up.

Speed – Special attention was aimed at improving the speed system. A double set of ball bearing pulleys promote a smooth and effortless operation of the speed system.
Regardless of your wing, you will be amazed how easy it is to push the speed bar with this harness. A special feature incorporated into this harness is an adjustable position speed system pulley.
This system allows to move the pulleys position according the pilot's center of gravity, preventing the harness from pitching up or down when applying speed system. This feature is unique to APCO and is an example of our attention to the technical details of performance in flight.SWIFT

Aerodynamics – The Swift has a redesigned low drag profile. The rear fairing covers the head and shoulder areas preventing flow disturbance. Inside the fairing, multiple internal profile ribs insure the best trailing edge shape for minimal drag. Inflatable front fairing with high internal pressure cuts through the air . Careful attention was aimed at removing any wrinkles or points which may disturb the airflow over the harness. A zipped closed rescue bridle channel contributes to the sleek harness surface.

Lightweight – the Swift was designed to be light. Saying that, it is still a full racing harness and no short cuts were taking with construction or materials. It is as light as possible to make a harness without compromising on durability or performance.

Safety and Protection - Safety and Protection – Fully EN certified to 120 kg. The crash protection includes a full 17 [cm] Airfoam protector in combination with a lexan sheet offering the best possible protection against any type of impact. The harness includes two Emergency parachute compartments: one under the seat and another front mounted to insure 2 hands deployment and to comply with for international, world cup requirements!

Pilot - although designed as a racing harness, the Swift will upgrade any pilot's flying sensation. For pilots that have never used a pod harness, its smooth feedback and comfort will improve thermalling capacity and XC performance. For experienced pilots the Swift will be the ultimate choice for breaking existing records !

Extras – The Swift harness is supplied as standard complete with seatplate, leg plate, 3 step integrated speed bar, removable flight deck, airfoam protector and Lexan plate.

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  • Fully EN certified up to 120 kg.
  • Polycomb seatplate - 50% lighter honeycomb structure, stiff as wooden seatboard for optimal feedback from the wing and harness.
  • Back fairing - inflatable, internally profiled, long back fairing with head and shoulders streamlining geometry
  • Front Fairing cone - Inflatable for maximum weight saving, easy packing. Inflates immediately on take-off.
  • Skirt closing - Secured with a zipper the skirt will automatically close after take-off.
  • Speed system pulley position - unique APCO feature allows adjustment of pulley position in relation to the pilot's back angle. Eliminates the pitch angle changes which usually occur with use of speed system.
  • Ball bearings - Full ball bearing speed system path line that in combination with our speed system pulley adjustment allows very low resistance speed system operation - you will be surprised by how light it is!
  • Speed system - 3 step speed system, with soft steps to allow easy centering of legs in one legged operation
  • Bridle compartment - Zipper closed routing compartment for reserve bridle - clean and easy operation.
  • Detachable instruments panel
  • Front mounted reserve container- easy to reach and part of the 2 reserve system philosophy
  • Bottom rescue compartment with magnetic flap cover for quick and easy pre-flight check:
    Lift   » Visually check deployment handle cable is secured » release and the flap will pop into place
  • Multiple back adjustments - for custom adjusting to the pilot's comfort.
  • Back pocket - Large and easy to reach, main back pocket for all your gear .
  • Side pockets - one on each side for easy reach during flight.
  • Drag chute pocket - additional side pocket for general use or drag chute.
  • Hook knife pocket - left shoulder pocket ready for hook knife.
  • Radio pocket - right shoulder pocket for easy reach and use of the radio during flight
  • Whistle Chest buckle for emergency use
  • Foam protector - 17 cm. full foam protector
  • Lexan plate - additional lexan plate on top of the airfoam to protect against sharp objects and spread the load of any impact across the entire foam protector, resulting in improved absorption capabilities.
  • Buckles - separated leg buckles with T-lock safety, for maximum comfort (abandoning the traditional get up system which can cause discomfort between the legs).
  • Adjustable Auto Balance System (ABS) - for adjustment of weight shift control
  • Under the seat Ballast compartment with water exit for in-flight ballast release
  • The supine pilot position in the SWIFT is designed to prevent abdominal and neck strain, allowing for maximum comfort on long flights
  • Optimal back support with APCO exclusive load bearing semi-rigid elements integrated into the back of the harness complimented by ventilated Air mesh material.
  • Color marked Hook Up Point
  • Ultra low drag narrow slim profile.
  • Wrinkle free, no sagging or baggy look.
  • There is an endless list of features - we have to decide where to stop...!


Weight of Swift 4.75 kg. (including 3 step accelerator)
Standard seatplate 0.4 kg.
Standard leg plate 0.3 kg.
Airfoam Protector 0.7 kg.
Lexan Plate 0.25 kg. (removable)


The SWIFT harness is available in one color design with Black body.


EN certified up to 120 kg.


The pilot protection environment of SWIFT is as extensive as possible:
A full 17 [cm] Airfoam protector combining a lexan sheet which aids in spreading the load over the absorbing area of the airfoam, offering the maximum protection available on any competition harness.

The airfoam with its energy absorbing capabilities will protect from any large impact. The Lexan sheet plate will spread any sharp impact (Rock edges) over the area of the airfoam and will prevent penetration of object (tree branches) through the harness in case of an accident.



Mayday Emergency Parachute

The SWIFT has a double emergency compartment construction:
  1. Under the seat main emergency compartment incorporates a zipper closing bridle channel and magnetic flap cover of the compartment itself for easy preflight check of the reserve handle.

  3. Front mounted reserve compartment for left or right hand deployment. The compartment also serves as an instrument deck that can be used also without a parachute in the front container.
Both parachute compartments are ideally suited to take the range of APCO Mayday parachutes, Including the Guided MayDay, which have proven themselves time and time again, saving hundreds of pilots over the years.


SWIFT supplied as standard complete with seatplate, leg plate, 3 step integrated speed bar, removable flight deck, airfoam protector and Lexan plate.

  • 44610 - SWIFT HARNESS

  • Additionally included - when ordered from the online shop:

  • 42024 - Universal Bridle
  • 80034 - Battery Pocket
Price includes:
  • Harness
  • Universal Bridle
  • Battery Pocket




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