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Cloud Chaser

Price: $169.00

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Cloud Chaser Helmet

Designed in cooperation with an Italian helmet manufacturer. Made and distributed independently by Apco. The helmet is manufactured using carbon fiber/kevlar technology, from hand laid fiberglass.

helmets Cloud Chaser CLOUD CHASER is FULLY CERTIFIED by CE certification, as a helmet for Airborne Sports.
  • Comes in 4 Velvet finish colors - White, Grey, Blue and Red.
  • Sizes ranging from S to XXL
  • The helmet is very light with stylish design. No effort was spared to turn the helmet into a high quality product with comfortable fit and excellent protection
  • We are convinced that CLOUD CHASER is currently among the best helmets on the market and definitely offers excellent value for money
CLOUD CHASER (Code: 60134 – helmet only)

Colors helmet Cloud Chaser white
helmet Cloud Chase red
helmet Cloud Chaser gray
helmet Cloud Chaser Blue
Internal Circumference [cm] 55.5-57 57-58.5 58.5-61 61-62.5 62+





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5 stars Review Customer Reviews:

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Etienne  (Monday, 08 February 2016)
Rating: 5
Great product, i really like the designe, with the nice velvet colors(i choosed the white one) velvet looks in the middle of glossy and matte, which i
really like. For me the best thing is the weight with only 750 gramms, its the lightest and by far af every helemts i ve ever owned, and i have had a
lot of those. moreover, the vision angle is really huge, nothing is obstructed. this helmet, thanks to this nice padding and also the lightweight, is
extremely confortable to wear, even for prolonged flights, and im never tired with it on. Another great feature, is (yes i think it is) the lack of
visor because i do not enjoy having one, for multiple points like weight, visibility. Moreover, where i live it s prtetty hot, so not having a visor
is not a big deal, if not a problem at alle. Plus not havingone healped to keeps costs down which is great i think. The chin guard is also perfectly
placed, i think it was too far back on my icaro sky runner but here its perfect. rnrnoverall, a great product, great price and quality ratio, i would
deiniteley recommend it to anyone into paragliding. the price is great too, thank you apco!

kllychan  (Thursday, 26 March 2015)
Rating: 4
I have used this helmet at my training school and it is by far the best that I have used. It is durable and stylish when compared with the GEO.
personally like full face helmets because of the safety. Cloud chaser is sturdier than an Insider, Insiders are a little fragile, and by this i mean
if you're not careful while packing without the cloth bag or like when it gets rolled on the ground when preparing your harness etc, or long term use,
Insider gets damaged quickly like internal parts or rubber band is coming off . But i don't mean the real crash security. In my opinion both are
average in terms of this. The drawback of cloud chaser is the internal fabric is not antibacterial. I put just once my handgloves into it, the next
day it had a funny smell and now a year after, and after many cleansing done by me with protex soap it still smelling like basketball shoes . Before
that it was stinking adhesive, and it was also not nice. My Insider on the other hand is 6 yrs old and no smell with many times left with gloves and
stuff in it. Both have different comfort feel but both good (equal). In terms of shape while Insider is a classic, cloud chaser is really elegant when
you wear it. In a design perspective i like the cloud chaser better. rn

gelox  (Saturday, 06 December 2014)
Rating: 5
Hi, dear Apco Aviation team! Thank you for this product very much. I was choosing the new helmet between different offers and different companies. I
have chosen yours and do not regret it. I ordered the Cloud Chaser Helmet in September (white color, size S, my head is 56 cm) and received in two
weeks. So I can say delivery was really fast and a helmet is pretty good. I like it. It fits me very well - it is comfortable, warm, safe and light.
The inner part f Cloud Chaser is pleasant to touch; it fits tightly to the head. Actually I event do not feel it when it is on. I have already made
some flights in it in October, so it is also ok to use it in cold weather circumstances. The design of the helmet is pleasing to my eyes – I like
the glance color, it looks luxuriously.rnIt is already third product I bought in Apco and all of them are very qualitative, so I’m your loyal
customer already. I think cloud chaser price is very adequate to its quality and I will certainly recommend it to my friends-pilots. rnTalking about
Cloud Chaser safety- hope I will not test it in the nearest future, but I suppose it is excellent .rnThis product gets five stars for sure, thank you!

chiadennis  (Wednesday, 29 May 2013)
Rating: 5
I started my basic beginner training and the school among other brands had the Apco Cloud Chaser. I was reluctant to use this full face helmet as I
thought it's going to be hot. To my surprise during my ground handling training, it didn't feel hot around my head. I will now get myself a new Cloud

icommotly  (Thursday, 26 July 2012)
Rating: 5
Thank you guysYour cloud chaser just saved my life three days ago. Brand new helmet, first flight with it, complete front collapse of the glider over
a rocky hill just after takeoff.I´m typing single handed, broken and bruised, but alive.As soon as I get airworthy again, i´ll get another of your
helmets and go fly, and will not even think of looking to the price tag.Thanks. ReallJorge


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