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MAYDAY Paramotor

Price: $569.00

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MAYDAY Paramotor

Apco's MAYDAY paramotor container is made from neoprenne allowing neat fit for a wide range of emergency parachutes in size and bulk, all while using the same container.

On the back of the container are connection straps in universal design allowing connection to a maximum variety of frames.
The container allows for left or right hand deployment - highly visible handle, easy to grab, safe to throw.
Handle placement accomodating for horizontal or vertical assembly of container, providing maximum flexibility in coupling to many different frames.

In short, it simply must be a masterpiece - the best made, best looking, universal emergency Paramotor MAYDAY parachute designed to fit most frames, offering easy operation, safe deployment and convenient location.

In order to connect between the emergency parachute and the harness, an additional Y-bridle is required.
We offer standard length Y-bridle which may fit in some cases - however, due to the wide selection of paramotors of various designs on the market, many of them require different and / or shorter length Y-bridle. Assortment of Y-bridles are readily available on the market from a number of suppliers. Also many times harness has built in Y-bridle which can be used for this purpose.

Price includes:
  • Mayday emergency parachute folded inside Pramotor container
  • Universal bridle set


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